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【Kyoto】What is this colourful balls…?

【Kyoto】What is this colourful balls…?

So called, Yasaka no Koshin san… or Yasaka Koshindo
placed at the midpoint between Yasaka shrine and Kiyomizu temple.

Yasaka Koshindo looks very colourful
and I feel there are many foreign people come here for taking photo.

Koshindo KyotoKoshindo Kyoto

Yasaka no Koshin-san

I visited Kyoto several times, but I hadn’t know it for long time.

It situated just near the Yasaka five pagoda
(You can see the tower from infront of Yasaka Koshindo)

I agreed what my friends said as
‘There are only few Japanese, but many people from foreign countries’

‘Daikoku-san Kongo-ji’ is official name of this temple
and this is one of  Japanese three major temple of Koshin faith.
(The other two are Senso-ji in Tokyo and Shitenno-ji in Osaka)

So, I’m sure you want to ask WHAT IS KOSHIN??


We have 6 Koshin days in a year (every 60 days)
in accordance with the sexagenary cycles calendar.

On this Koshin-day, Sanshi, insect believed to live inside the body,
leave people’s body while they sleep in order to report their habit to Tentei.

Tentei is the god of life time, so he may cut their lifetime according to Sanshi’s report…
(If people did bad behaviour)

Then, people in old time decide to stay up all night to keep Sanshi inside their body
(instead of stopping bad habits… why? lol )

This is the origin of Koshin faith.
Well, the Yasaka Koshindo is dedicated to Shomen Kongo.

Shomen Kongo came from China in Asuka period (6-8 century)

The reason why Shomen Kongo is here…
well, he eat Sanshi… then, people believe that they can sleep and live longer. :p

Okay now, you may want to ask another question.
Why is there so colourful??

Koshindo Kyoto

Can you guess what they are??

Colourful ball is…

The answer is, they are 「monkey」

Kukuri zaru Kyoto

【Kukuri zaru】 is a monkey with bound feet and hands.

Kukuri zaru is a metaphor of your desire, which violate your wish.
Monkey usually does what they want without thinking what’s gonna happen,
and when we wish something, we need to beat our unhelped desire like monkey.
As you bind monkey, you can control your unhelped desire,
then your wish will come true.
Anyway, the temple is so colourful, cute and good place to take photos 🙂
Just few munites walk from Kiyomizu temple (one of the most popular place in Kyoto)

I recommend you to walk around the Kyoto town and visit there!

Daikoku-san Kongo-ji (Yasaka Koshindo)

Bus stop ‘Kiyomizu michi” apprx 7 min on foot
390 Kinencho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto



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