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【Ise JINGU】When you visit Ise-Jingu, visit Gegu first!

【Ise JINGU】When you visit Ise-Jingu, visit Gegu first!

When you arrive at ISE,
you should go to visit GEGU, as I explain the otehr log.

What is GEGU like?

Through the gate (TORII 鳥居) …

Ise Jingu Torii

across the bridge…

Ise Jingu bridge

This is Kagura-den (神楽殿)

Ise Jingu kaguraden

and then, this is the main building.

Ise Jingu kaguraden

Official name:Toyouke Dai Jingu (豊受大神宮)
Main enshrined deity:Toyouke Omikami (豊受大御神)

Toyouke Omikami professed as a god of industry
such as eating, living, and wearing.

That is, here is the place to thank god
about everyday living;
we can eat
we can stay in a house,
and we have something to wear.

By the way, do you know why is Toyouke Omikami enshrined here?




The answer is:
Amaterasu Omikami ordered people to bring Toyouke Omikami here.

As common view,
Amaterasu Omikami, who is enshrined in NAIGU,
visited in the dream of old emperor and
ordered to enshrine Toyouke Omikami near her
to make her living safe.

This is written in neither KOJIKI, nor Nihon-shoki
(both are very old Japanese book of myth and history)

However, as a result, GEGU was built near the NAIGU
and many ceremonies are held here
mainly, related with eating.

So, here is answer why people should visit GEGU before NAIGU.

Usually, ceremonies held firstly GEGU and then NAIGU after that.

Why ceremonies held in Gegu before Naigu?

Firstly people place food to the God before praying.

That is why people should visit GEGU before visiting NAIGU.

when you arrive at ISE,
please visit GEGU and thank every days’ our living to Toyouke Omikami



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