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【Ise Jingu】 one of the most important shrine in Japan, where is it?

【Ise Jingu】 one of the most important shrine in Japan, where is it?

Jingu is one of the most famous shrines in Japan.
Have you heard about it?
The jingu enshrines Amaterasu Omikami and Toyouke-on Omikami.

I’d like to explain about the Jingu with a few articles.

Where is it?

H E R E ! :p

In 2016, the 42nd G7 summit was held around here
so you may heard about the name of place as “Ise-Shima”

Formally, Ise-shi (伊勢市) is in Mie prefecture (三重県)

So-called Ise-Jingu is formally named only “Jingu”
but it situated in ISE so, we called it as Ise-Jingu.

Ise-Jingu is one of three shrines which were allowed to use name of “Jingu” in old days.
Other two shrines are Kashima-jingu and Katori-jingu,
where enshrined gods related Japan’s foundation in the age of the gods.

So, these three shrines, and especially Ise-jingu, are very important shrines for Japanese.

From Tokyo or Nagoya side,
you should get off the train at the “Ise-shi” station on Kintetsu-line.

If you visit there from Osaka or Kyoto side
you will use “Uji yamada” station, as same as Kintetsu-line.

You can walk to GEGU from each station.

Many shrines belong to Ise-jingu

Ise-jingu is general term for
“GEGU (outer shrine)” and “NAIGU (inner shrine)”.

However, there are about 125 shrines altogether in Ise-jingu.

Each shrines enshrine different gods or different aspect of gods.
Some of them are from Japanese mythology,
and some of them are traditionally regarded as a guardian for the place, river, water, and so on.

Many people visit only NAIGU as a part of sightseeing
and then walk around “Okage Yokocho” to buy some souvenir

BUT, I strongly recommend you to visit both GEGU and NAIGU.

Officially, people are strongly recommended to visit
first GEGU, and then NAIGU
I’ll explain why people are recommended to visit GEGU before NAIGU
in next time, when I explain more about GEGU.

Next, I’d like to explain what is GEGU



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