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Yuri on Ice×Sanrio characters Cafe

Yuri on Ice×Sanrio characters Cafe

I’ve been to…

Yuri on Ice×Sanrio characters Cafe Vol.2

which is held in Shinjuku, Tokyo
from 2 Mar to 1 Apr, 2018.

The cafe & restaurant is decorated as sooooo cutie.
I was relaxed and very happy to be there 🙂

Just 3 min walk from South gate of JR Shinjuku station!

Although Japanese are familiar with Japanese sign on board,
many of them get confused to find the particular place in Shinjuku.

The Yuri cafe is situated on the street on Southern Terrace Shinjuku.
It is officially named “Shinjuku Box” ,
and Yuri cafe is limited seasonal shop & restaurant.

The ground floor is a shop and for take away,
and the first floor is cafe space.
Customers need to book seats especially for weekend,
but you can enter the cafe space if there is any available.


Ground floor: shops and take away

You can buy some collaboration goods at the shop in the ground floor.

When I visit there, some stationery is sold,
but if you want to buy more than that,
you have to have some meals in the upper floor.

The first floor: Cafe

I gonna say the first floor is decorated more than the ground floor
as a result… CUTE!

Also, you can hear related songs
and TV series are broadcasted (unfortunately, without sounds…)

but you can fully enjoy the atmosphere!

Most of seats are for two people ( or 4), and some can sit at the counter table.

You need to come to the restaurant about ten minutes before the starting time (if you book seats),
then decide what you want to order at the first.

When you finish your order and be showed to the seat,
you will get a numbered ticket to buy limited goods in a shop.
If you order some drinks, you can get special coaster, too.

While you are waiting your meals (or deserts),
staffs will call numbers to allow you to buy goods.

You need to give your number ticket when you pay for goods,
that means… you only have a chance to buy them!
Most of goods have purchase limit, so be careful,
but don’t forget to buy everything you want 🙂

Cafe Menu

This is my first visit to the cafe,
so I ordered Victor’s desert menu.
My friend ordered Yuri’s one.

Victor, Pomupomu Purin and Makkachin: Spaghetti and Cheese cake set

Yuri and Pochacco: Bowl of rice with chicken and egg, and pudding

I’m not sure what is spaghetti taste like…

The sauce for cheese cake is suit for pudding as well.
So if you visit there with your friends,
you can share and try with/without sauce on pudding.

I enjoyed the lunch there,
and recommend you to go there if you have a chance 🙂
I’d like to go there again to eat Chris’s morning set!




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